About Igor


Born in Goiânia, the state capital of Goiás, located in the center of Brazil, my dream since childhood was to explore the world and experience its wonders and cultures. At the age of 22, after graduating in Tourism, my dream started to turn into reality. Traveler–researcher with an experience of 14 years of travel and adventure, I have been to 154 countries and 588 states and regions of our planet. I am the most traveled person in the world at my age. I am the most traveled Brazilian and my name is among the top 100 most widely traveled people in the world. Till date, I have travelled via 348 flights; 93 ferries; and countless buses, taxis, and hitchhikes. During my time on the road, I have hitchhiked across six continents, slept in local houses in more than 50 countries and lived with indigenous tribes in five continents. I am among the most traveled people and have graduated in Tourism. Because of how much I have traveled, compared to my age, I am competing for the title of the most traveled people in the world. I have lived in nine countries, including a short period during which I lived with an aboriginal tribe.

I am very adventurous; I have personally visited almost all the attractions listed here, and there are hundreds of others that I could mention. As I am an adventure seeker I have been through a number of circumstances in which I almost died, where I saw people dying in front of me, and where I saved people who were on the verge of death.

Still on the road and with no plans to have a normal life, I keep traveling to lush places on our planet, trying to know and enjoy its many wonders and exotic cultures. A lifetime would not be enough to experience it all.

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